I moved from South Carolina to Atlanta when I was 11-years-old. At the start of the school year there was this one person, the popular person at school, who started to bully me. I can’t remember what I did that upset her so much, but I remember standing up to her. After that I was pretty much a target for her and her friends. It was like a game for them to pick on me for an entire year.
They never hit me or physically touched me, it was just verbal, but even so, I was scared to do anything. In class I never raised my hand, and I always avoided lunch time and went to the library instead. Lunch time was where they all hung out together and because I didn’t have a lot of friends, because it was a new school for me, I was more of a target during that hour. I also skipped some of my math tutoring sessions because this girl and all her friends who harassed me took the tutoring class too.
Then I started getting bad grades in my math class. This was when my mom got involved. I never told her the entire story of how I was being bullied because I didn’t want to worry her and I was afraid that she would go to the school and talk to the teachers. I told her going to school and talking to teachers would never work; it would just make things worse. But, she still went anyway and asked them to pay more attention to me and to notify her if I skipped anymore of my math tutoring sessions.
I ended up making one really close friend whose still my best friend today. He was the person who stood up for me at the end of my first year at this new school. He was known for being really loud and outspoken, so basically when I was around him, no one would mess with me. So this one time, some of the usual suspects who tried to bully me stopped because he was by my side.
I think the best thing anyone can do if they’re being bullied in school is to stay positive and find one really close friend. And, if you can’t find one really close friend, be your own best friend until you do. Just know that it’s temporary and the more you ignore the bullying, at least for me this was the case, the sooner it will go away.
Stage Manager for The Readers’ Theatre and Film and Photography Student at Ithaca College.

Posted October 03 2013 by Breanna Myers, 18

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