While writing SOUL MATES I discovered something very special about technology today…it’s possible to know someone by the way they write to you – via email that is. But there’s also something kind of odd about technology too. About a year ago I’d say, I started to feel frustrated with computers and emails and even Skype. There were days where I missed having real face-to-face meetings with people. Everyone I was working with wanted to stay in their own little worlds, all by themselves, them and their gadgets. It seems like that’s the direction we’re going in. It seems like technology dictates our lives, even how we have relationships.

I’m not saying that technology is a bad thing – not at all, not if it’s in small doses and if we don’t forget what it was like before we had high tech gadgets, but when people had people. Do you remember what that was like? I hope you do – because then you can teach your children to have days off from being online or on Facebook. To take a walk in the woods so they can hear the sound of their footsteps on snow, or the sound of wind through trees, or just the sound of silence, pure refreshing silence.

Sometimes technology gets to be way too much. Some days I have a physical reaction to having too much of it – like I have a bad cold. People and their cell phones. People and their Facebook pages. People and their internet sites. People and their iPhones. People and god knows what else they have on them that can sometimes separate us from one another.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to hide behind my gadgets sometimes, but seeing people is just a reminder that we’re here, we’re alive, life is short, don’t miss out on meeting someone face-to-face. The real world can be scary sometimes, but there are a lot of wonderful, very good people out there. You never know what joy you’ll find if you just take a chance and drop your gadgets to be with someone, in person, sans technology.

Pictures taken by Wendy Houseworth

Posted July 15 2013 by Anne Marie Cummings

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